Objective of the Conference

We aim to approach the Thirukkural with an impartial outlook and a global perspective. To encourage meticulous academic exploration of this revered masterpiece, we have planned a series of national and international conferences featuring scholars worldwide. We cordially invite a committed academic team of scholars to collaborate with us in our quest to study Thirukkural with fervor and zeal.

The conference, “Thirukkural, the World Ethic” explores the universal human nature presented in Thirukkural, a book that transcends the boundaries of language, religion, and culture. The emotions it reveals, the ethics it preaches, the experiences it shares, the morals it inculcates – all are common to the human race. It preaches the art of leading a moral life, a life of virtue in this world. The book’s author is an eclectic figure, and this aspect of Thirukkural will be deeply analyzed using well-founded data from various sources. The conference seeks scholarly papers that examine this specific dimension of Thirukkural, particularly from a comparative perspective.